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We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about Immigration Medical Exams. If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, please contact us directly

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About Vaccinations

If i've already been vaccinated, but don't have proof of Vaccines, what can i do?
Vaccination records can be retrieved from any past physician that has seen the patient. Our office can also run lab tests (Titers) to check for immunity of certain vaccinations such as: MMR, HEP B, or Varicella.
Yes, our office can check for past immunity/titers of required vaccines. There is an extra fee for this test, and the test should be ordered when the patient is certain that they have had those vaaccines at an earlier age, but the records are not available. Many people coming from other countries have this issue when they can’t get ahold of their past vaccination records. The price of the Titers are here (insert link). Alternatively, you can get vaccinated again to avoid paying for blood tests and vaccines.

Required Vaccinations: Hepatitis B – 0 through 59 years of age

DTaP – 8 weeks through 7 years of age

Polio IPV – 8 weeks through 17 years of age

Hib – 8 weeks through 6 years of age

Pneumococcal – 65+ Hepatitis A – 12 through 18 years old

MMR – 12 months through 49 years of age

Varicella – 12 months of age and up

Tdap – 18 years of age and up Influenza vaccine – 6 months of age and up

COVID-19 Vaccine – 6 months of age and up

No, Covid Vaccines are not required to see the physician. However, they are required for the USCIS immigration medical exam.
For those 6 months and older, only the first Covid vaccine is required. No vaccine is required for those under 6 months.
Records of vaccinations are required as proof that vaccines were given and still valid (for MMR, Hep B and Varicella). Titer testing, which tests your blood to see if you have previously been given the vaccine is an option. Checking your blood for the Vaccine costs extra and can be ordered through our office.
For anyone 19-64 yrs of age a TDAP, MMR, HEP B and Covid are the ones required. For 65 and older: TDAP, PNEUMONIA, and covid-19 vaccines
Yes, it’s safe to get the vaccination again. You can also check your blood for Titers to see if you already have immunity. We only recommend doing the titer testing if you are 100% sure you had the vaccine as a child.
Yes as long as its from an official vaccine record we will accept it. It would be best to have those printed out prior to your appointment with us or emailed to us at:
10 years
USCIS is requesting everyone up to age 59 receive it. More info here:…e=DM82599#anchor_1506449934815
Yes, we accept titers from outside our office. We also do Titer tests to see what vaccines can be skipped because of your immunity.
Yes, we can check for immunity using various Titers.
Yes. We do the antibody tests. They are called “Titers”

About our Office & Clinic

Does the office take Walk ins or Need an appointment?
Walk ins are possbile, but there may be a long wait time. It is recommended that you make an appointment.
14547 Victory Blvd. Van Nuys, CA 91411. We are located 1 block west of Van Nuys Blvd. and 1 Block East of Vesper Ave. Van Nuys is in the Valley part of Los Angeles
Free Parking for the Doctors office is located down the street next to Tommys Burger and behind the “Smoke Shack” on 14615 Victory Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91411. Street parking with meters is also available all around the office. Please remember that our office is located at 14547 Victory Blvd. Van Nuys, CA 91411, which is on Victory Blvd in-between 7-11 and US Bank.
Yes, we are approved by USCIS as a designated civil surgeon.
There are usually 2 visits required to obtain your paperwork. On the first visit, we collect your blood and urine samples to send to the lab. We may also administer any necessary vaccines you may need. You may see the Doctor on the 1st or 2nd visit depending on your circumstances. Results can take up to a week, and a follow up appointment will be given for you to come back and pickup the results. Results take one week to receive and must be picked up in person.
No, it is not covered by insurance. In some circumstances, vaccines may be covered depending on your insurance. Check with your own doctor to see if your insurance can cover the Vaccines.
Monday- Friday 9 am to 5pm
The blood work and urine samples can be done either at our office or the lab. Any required vaccines can be done at our office or can be done by any vaccine provider as long as proof of the vaccination records are brought in.
Bring a Valid form of Identification (Passport, License, Work permit, Alien number, etc…) In addition to any Vaccine records including the Covid vaccine.
Yes, we do the N-648 exemptions and our doctor charges around $1,700 to complete the exam. We would need any medical documentation stating the condition the patient has.
No, we only do the exams for people applying for their residency here in the United States. We do not do out of country exams.

About Immigration and Testing Process

What is a civil surgeon?
A Civil Surgeon is a designation given to physicians who are permitted to complete and perform the immigration medical examination required by USCIS for green card applicants
An hour to an hour and a half
Yes, the laboratory results expire after a year. Our report is also good for 1 year. Once the report is submitted to USCIS they may allow it to be used for a 2 year period. We recommend speaking with your attorney about the timeline because it changes from time to time.
USCIS has a very strict policy on Covid and other Vaccines. They require them based on your age. If you have a letter from another physician or if you want to state that you do not want to obtain them for religious or other reasons, we can include the letter your provider gives us. However, we make no guarantees that you will not have a problem with USCIS. We can only state what you provide us. From our experience, it is best to give a letter from another provider
Approximately 10% of patients will need to do a chest X-Ray. This occurs when there is a positive Tuberculosis (TB) result from the blood test. If there is a positive result, we can rule out if you have Tubercelosis by checking your Lung X-Ray. Not everyone needs to get an X-Ray, but only people who are positive for the TB test. The XRay is not done at our office, but is obtained by making an appointment at a site we refer patients to. The cost is between $60-75.
A sealed envelope is provided to the patient to submit to USCIS. We also provide a copy of the report for you and/or your attorney.
Yes, depending on the circumstances, we can do the N-648. Please contact our office for further information.
No, the Immigration Medical Exam can only be done in person. You will need to be personally checked by the USCIS Civil Surgeon at our office.
If you need a copy of a report to submit to USCIS, you will need to contact our office. The cost is $150 because USCIS will not accept copies and we will need to re-do the process. Depending on the timing, testing again may or may not be required. If you need a photocopy of a past exam, we will need to send someone to storage to locate your file. There is a $26 fee depending on how long ago the test was done.
Yes, as long as it is a valid vaccination record we can work with them.

About Us

How do I verify you are USCIS verified?

Our zip code 91411
We are the second on that list under Family Medical Center

No, we are currently based in Van Nuys, CA 91411
Yes, they are more than welcome
We do not currently provide Covid Vacines at this office.
No, unfortunately this service is currently unavailable.
If you do not wish to get vaccinations, the Dr can document that in the report and It would be up to immigration to decide if they wish to accept that or not. From our experience, it’s best to have your existing physician write a report with specific information and we can insert that letter or attachment to our report. We cannot create a report for you based on your circumstances unless you are a patient of our office with a history we can reference.
We are only allowed to use labwork and urine tests from our laboratory after drawing the blood for purposes of testing for the current exam. This is a USCIS requirement. However, vaccination records and Titers that check for immunity can be obtained from other offices.
No, we only do examinations for people applying for the adjustment of status for green cards. Please inquire about other exams to see if we can provide them for you.

About Payments

Do you accept any insurance plans for people who need a vaccine shot for the immigration medical exam?
Insurance does not cover the vaccinations for the medical exams through our office. Clients can always go through their own provider or pharmacy and get the vaccines required, then bring the record to our office
We only take Cash, Check, Zelle and Debit Cards. Credit Cards are $10 extra.
No, it is not covered by insurance. In some circumstances, vaccines may be covered depending on your insurance. Check with your own doctor to see if your insurance can cover the Vaccines.
We do have a $10 discount coupon available on our website
We offer 2 types of services for Adults & Children. A Normal service and a Rush Service. Normal Processing, which takes 7-9 days is $350 (Most people get this) EXPEDITED & RUSH SERVICE (ADD $125) $475 (Ready in 3-5 Days): These are the current Prices if you are up to date and have all your vaccination records including the Covid Vaccines.

The tests below are required and are INCLUDED in your fee:

Syphilis (RPR) – required for everyone 15 years and older
Gonorrhea (urine) – required for everyone 15 years and older
Quantiferon Tuberculosis test – required for everyone 2 years and older
COVID-19 test – required to bring Covid Vaccine records

The $350 fee includes everything you need to get your i-693 report from us, except for required vaccinations. In some circumstances, if your Tuberculosis (TB) results come back positive, you may also need to obtain a Chest X-Ray to show that you are not positive for Tuberculosis (TB). This happens in rare circumstances, but it can occur.