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Welcome to the best, most experienced & specialized Immigration Medical Exam office in Los Angeles County. We have over 27 years of experience with Immigration Medical Exams & our office is the leading provider of i693 exams. We are the highest Rated immigration medical exam office (by Yelp & Google) with the highest referral rates by past clients, Attorneys and non-profit groups. Our clients love us, and you will too. Guaranteed.
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*Vaccine Costs are Extra*

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*Vaccine Costs are Extra*

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USCIS Approved Doctors

Our doctors are approved by the USCIS as Civil Surgeons, ensuring that your medical exam meets all the necessary requirements.

Comprehensive Exams

We perform and complete the I-693 Immigration Medical Exam from A-Z, leaving no stone unturned in completing your paperwork

Vaccine Review and Administration

We thoroughly review your vaccine records and provide any vaccines you may need to ensure compliance with USCIS guidelines.


Whether you are 1 person or a large family, we can get your results done quickly and correctly.

Timely Results

We complete the required blood and urine work within 3-10 days, ensuring your results are delivered promptly.

Flexible Scheduling

We understand the urgency of your immigration process. That's why we offer same or next-day appointments to accommodate your needs.

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What’s included in the exam

USCIS Immigration Medical Exam

What to bring to your Appointment

USCIS Immigration Appointment

To ensure a smooth and efficient process, please bring the following:

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Some commonly asked question


If i've already been vaccinated, but don't have proof of Vaccines, what can i do?

Vaccination records can be retrieved from any past physician that has seen the patient. Our office can also run lab tests (Titers) to check for immunity of certain vaccinations such as: MMR, HEP B, or Varicella.

Required Vaccinations: Hepatitis B – 0 through 59 years of age

DTaP – 8 weeks through 7 years of age

Polio IPV – 8 weeks through 17 years of age

Hib – 8 weeks through 6 years of age

Pneumococcal – 65+ Hepatitis A – 12 through 18 years old

MMR – 12 months through 49 years of age

Varicella – 12 months of age and up

Tdap – 18 years of age and up Influenza vaccine – 6 months of age and up

COVID-19 Vaccine – 6 months of age and up

“We offer 2 types of services for Adults & Children. A Normal service and a Rush Service. Normal Processing, which takes 7-9 days is $350 (Most people get this) EXPEDITED & RUSH SERVICE (ADD $125) $475 (Ready in 3-5 Days): These are the current Prices if you are up to date and have all your vaccination records including the Covid Vaccines.”

Walk ins are possbile, but there may be a long wait time. It is recommended that you make an appointment.

A Civil Surgeon is a designation given to physicians who are permitted to complete and perform the immigration medical examination required by USCIS for green card applicants
How long does the exam and appointment take?

An hour to an hour and a half

14547 Victory Blvd. Van Nuys, CA 91411. We are located 1 block west of Van Nuys Blvd. and 1 Block East of Vesper Ave. Van Nuys is in the Valley part of Los Angeles

Free Parking for the Doctors office is located down the street next to Tommys Burger and behind the “Smoke Shack” on 14615 Victory Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91411. Street parking with meters is also available all around the office. Please remember that our office is located at 14547 Victory Blvd. Van Nuys, CA 91411, which is on Victory Blvd in-between 7-11 and US Bank.

Yes, we are approved by USCIS as a designated civil surgeon.


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Immigration Medical Exam Process for USCIS

Results Ready within 3-10 Business Days

Call (818)997-3232 or Schedule an online appointment

Bring Your ID/Passport and any Available Vaccination & Covid records

Visit #1: Provide blood and urine samples, see the USCIS Doctor & Get additional vaccines if necessary

Visit #2: Obtain a Sealed i-693 Form and submit to USCIS or to your Attorney

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