We Will Take Care of Your Vaccination Requirements

Do Not Worry

As part of the immigration medical exam, we thoroughly review your vaccine records to determine if you need any additional vaccinations.  Even if you have no records, our experienced medical professionals have ways of obtaining them and we are equipped to reduce your costs and provide any required vaccines promptly and efficiently when necessary.  We can even check the immunity in your blood to see which vaccines are required.

Vaccine Requirements

USCIS Immigration

Remember, that USCIS requires vaccinations to be completed based on the CDC’s recommendations. This is based on each person’s age and the Doctor will review your vaccine records and inform you of any vaccinations that you may need. We carry all necessary Vaccines at our office.

What if I don’t have vaccine records?

Because vaccinated records are required, we can help you prove that you have had the vaccines in the past by performing a blood test (called Titers). There is an additional fee for this blood test and the price depends on which vaccines you are checking for. We only recommend this option if you are 100% sure that you have previously had the vaccine, otherwise you will still need to obtain the vaccine.


*Vaccine prices may be higher in times of shortages


We can test your blood to see if you need vaccines or have immunity from being vaccinated in the past. Costs are below & should only be considered if you are 100% sure you have had vaccines.

Testing Your Blood For Immunity To Avoid Vaccines When No Vaccine Records Are Available
*Vaccine prices may be higher in times of shortages